The G5 MarTech Series: Digital Trends in Self Storage

Welcome back to the G5 MarTech Series!

Personally and professionally, we’re navigating new information, science, best-practices, restrictions, re-openings, and vaccination roll-outs. This much change demands agility. For athletes, agility is something they practice in drills. Perhaps you remember running lines in P.E.? Running as fast as you can in one direction, then pivoting and sprinting in the opposite direction. Exercises like this promote athletic agility.

While we may not be sprinting across the office — or even going into an office — in order to improve our marketing agility, we all have learned to quickly change tactics. The agility your team developed over the last year will come in handy to keep up with digital marketing trends like aligning your online presence for voice search optimization, staying up-to-date on tried-and-true marketing tactics like your Google My Business listing, or anticipating changes in data privacy and the social media space.

Elevate your marketing agility to better serve your renters and future renters.

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